Privacy Policy

Updated effective February, 2022

At Exceed Telecom, we are committed to honoring the privacy of our customers and visitors to our website. We recognize the importance to you, our website customer or visitor (“you”), of maintaining an appropriate level of privacy and security for the personal information we collect from you through this website. We store your data safely and handle it with the utmost care and in accordance with applicable law.

The following policy governs the use of the site as well as the services offered by Exceed Telecom, including our gathering, use and disclosure practices with respect to your information that is collected by us or provided by you on and through this website. By accessing or using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted the practices, procedures and terms and conditions of this policy and any other terms of use or policies posted by us. Please note that this privacy statement applies only to this site and not to the websites of our advertisers or of other companies or organizations to which we link. All references to “Exceed Telecom” throughout this policy statement include, unless otherwise stated, all Exceed Telecom affiliate companies, successors and assigns. By using Exceed Telecom’s website and services, you consent to the use of personal data and other information in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy.

Policy Revisions

We may, from time to time, change this privacy policy with or without notice. If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy, you may email us at:


Exceed Telecom complies with all data privacy laws and directives, including the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (“GDPR”).

Since our customers integrate our products in their software applications, we don’t interact with their end users directly. When customers do share end user information with us, we always handle the data in accordance with data protection regulations, including the GDPR. We don’t use that data for any purposes other than specifically issued by the customer who provides the data, or to the extent required under law.

You’ll encounter the terms “controller” and “processor” in this policy. By “controller”, we mean the company that an individual (“data subject”) provides their personal data to. The controller determines the purpose for the personal data and is responsible for the correct handling of the data subject’s data. By “processor”, we mean the company that provides part of the services to the controller, and needs specific personal data in control of the controller in order to do so.

Depending on your relationship with Exceed Telecom, we may both be a controller and a processor. When Exceed Telecom processes the contents of communications provided by a customer, as between Exceed Telecom and the customer, generally Exceed Telecom is a processor. When Exceed Telecom processes communications metadata, Exceed Telecom is a processor in many respects, but may act as a controller in others. When Exceed Telecom processes your personal data that you have provided to us through our portal or otherwise, Exceed Telecom is acting as a controller. When Exceed Telecom is acting as a controller or a processor, it always ensures that the parties we work with adhere to GDPR. Additionally, we ensure that another party will not use the data you have entrusted to us for any other purpose than delivering the services you have purchased.

What Kinds of Information Does Exceed Telecom Collect and Use?


We only ask for personal data when we need it for business purposes or to provide you with relevant information. You always have the opportunity to explicitly agree to the collection, use, disclosure and sharing of the information you’ve provided. That applies whether you’re browsing our website, where you can manage your cookie preferences. For more information on how we use cookies, see our Cookie Policy.

Visiting Our Website

Except as otherwise provided in this policy or in other written documentation or policies that may be provided to you regarding the services or website, the only personal data that we collect about visitors to our website is that which is provided to us voluntarily by you. “Personal data” is information that tells us specifically who you are, such as your name, street address, email address, billing address, social security number, credit card number, other service account information, and certain other financial information. In general, you can visit our website without telling us who you are or revealing any personal data about yourself. Our Web servers may use “Cookies” (described below) to collect information about visitors such as your domain name, host from which you access the Internet, the IP address of your computer, and your browser software and operating system. This information may be aggregated to measure such things as the number of visits, average time spent on the site, number of pages viewed, and methods by which our site was found. Exceed Telecom may use such information to evaluate the use of our site and to continuously improve the content and services being provided.

Using Our Website Services

When you use our online services by accessing your account information, ordering a service or making a payment on-line, requesting product or service information, or sending us email, we will ask you to provide personal data to us. Except as otherwise provided in this policy, when you supply information about yourself for such specific purposes, we use the information for that purpose and to manage the internal operations and security of our website consistent with the terms of use and policies established from time to time governing this site. As further described herein, such purpose may involve the disclosure of such information to unaffiliated companies or vendors where necessary to and for the limited purpose of processing your request, processing a transaction authorized by you or providing you with products or services.

Customer Proprietary Network Information (“CPNI”)

We also want you to be aware that certain information related to your telecommunications services account with us such as to whom, where and when you make calls is CPNI. CPNI is protected by specific federal laws and regulations and as such we are fully committed to comply with such laws and regulations, both through our website and in all other respects. Without your consent, we will only share or disclose your CPNI (i) to market to you services or products among the categories of services or products you currently subscribe, (ii) to initiate, render, bill and collect our telecommunications services, (ii) to protect you or other carriers from illegal or fraudulent use of, or subscription to, our services or to protect our rights or property, (iii) to provide your call location information in certain specified emergency situations, and (iv) for other legally permissible purposes.

Who Has Access to This Information?

Except as set forth in this policy or unless we specifically disclose it to you at the time of collection or subsequently obtain your approval, we will not make any personal data that is gathered on our site available to unaffiliated organizations for commercial purposes unrelated to the business of Exceed Telecom. Certain federal, state and local laws or government regulations may require us to disclose personal data about you. In these circumstances, we will use reasonable efforts to disclose only the information required by law, subpoena or court order to be disclosed.

For example, here’s why and with whom we may share your personal data:

  • Telecom operators and other communications and communications-related services providers for proper routing and connectivity.
  • Third party service and technology providers who perform necessary actions on our behalf, such as payment processor and hosting service providers.
  • Exceed Telecom affiliates, successors and assigns. All Exceed Telecom affiliates follow this Privacy Policy.
  • Where we are legally obligated to do so.
  • To protect the confidentiality or security of your personal data or other records.
  • To our attorneys, accountants and regulators.
  • We don’t sell information to third parties for advertising, but we do use your personal data to inform our direct marketing efforts, such as through Google Adwords. You can learn more about managing your advertising preferences in our Cookie Policy.

We may also share aggregate anonymized data relating to the transactions on the site and use of our services for marketing, research and other purposes.


Our site may make use of cookies (or a similar technology) to better manage our sites and to assist us in providing you with tailored information and services. A cookie is a tiny element of data that a website can send to your browser, which is stored on your hard drive so that we can do things such as better serve you as you navigate through our site or when you return. You may set your browser to notify you or decline the receipt of a cookie; however, certain features of our sites or services may not function properly or be available if your browser is configured to disable cookies. You can learn more about managing your advertising preferences in our Cookie Policy.


Exceed Telecom’s policy is not to read or disclose private e-mail communications that are transmitted using Exceed Telecom services except to respond, if directed to us, or as required to operate the service, as set forth in the terms of use and policies established from time to time governing the service, or for other legally permissible purposes.


Exceed Telecom maintains physical, electronic and procedural safeguards designed to protect the confidentiality of personal data provided by you on and through our website. For example, unique passwords or user identifications are required to access a number of our website services. In addition to requiring the use of a unique password or user identification, all payments processed through our website require certain personal data provided by you to be sent in a “Secure Session” using Secure Socket Layer encryption technology. This technology is designed to encrypt—or scramble—your financial or credit card account information to help prevent unauthorized parties from reading it. We seek to regularly test and update our technology to help protect your personal data. However, such precautions do not guarantee that our website is invulnerable to all security breaches. Exceed Telecom makes no warranty, guarantee, or representation that use of our website is protected from all viruses, security threats or other vulnerabilities and that your information will always be secure. When doing business with others, such as advertisers to whom you can link from our site, you should consider the separate security and privacy policies of those other sites.

Your Use of Passwords or User Identifications

Except as specifically permitted by this privacy policy or other instructions regarding the online services you may not, and will ensure that you do not, lend, give, or otherwise disclose any passwords or user identifications to any unauthorized person, or permit any unauthorized person to use your accounts or related passwords or user identifications. Any loss of control of passwords or user identifications may result in the loss of control over personal data. You will be responsible for any actions taken on your behalf or any person using your passwords or user identifications. If passwords or user identifications have been compromised for any reason, then you should immediately change such password or user identification or notify us so that we may issue a new password or user identification.

Discussion Areas

This site may provide discussion areas so that customers and visitors can communicate freely and share ideas. Please remember that any information that is disclosed in these areas becomes public information and you should exercise caution when disclosing such information. These discussion areas may be monitored by us or law enforcement officials as appropriate occasionally in order to enhance the safety and respect for all of our customers and visitors, and off-topic, unlawful or otherwise inappropriate content of materials of which we become aware may or may not be removed from the site during the course of such monitoring. However, Exceed Telecom is not responsible for any information posted or remaining on these discussion areas.

Links to Other Sites

For the convenience of our visitors and customers, this website may contain links to other sites. While we generally try to link only to sites that share similar high standards and respect for privacy, we have no responsibility or liability for the content, products or services offered, independent actions, or the privacy and security practices employed by these other independent sites. We encourage you to ask questions and review the applicable privacy policies before disclosing information to third parties on these independent sites.

Updates or Revisions to Personally Identifiable Information

Your use of certain of our online services may permit you to update personal data from our database by accessing our website. If you remove certain information from your account, we will only retain copies of such information as are necessary for us to comply with governmental orders, resolve disputes, troubleshoot problems, enforce any agreement you have entered into with us and as otherwise reasonably necessary.

If You Do Not Wish to Disclose Your Information

Even though we collect your data to conduct business, your data stays your own. You stay in control of your personal data and can at any time choose what you want us do with it. You can at any time:

Change your cookie settings.

When you visit our website for the first time, you can decide to accept all cookies or accept specific cookies using your browser tools or deny all our cookies. You can always change your preferences in your browser settings.

Withdraw consent to our processing of your data.

If for whatever reason you no longer want us to use your personal data, you’re free to change your mind. We will always comply with your request, unless we’re legally required to keep your data. Which basically means that if there is any legal dispute, about for example outstanding invoices, we can keep your information until it’s resolved.

Control and review your data.

You can always view, amend, delete, and transfer your personal data. If you want to edit your information, you can do so on our portal where you can find an overview of your personal data. When you choose to delete your personal data, we hold the right to hold onto anonymized and aggregated data. If we do so, nothing will be able to identify you as a person in any way. If we’re required to retain your information for legal reasons, we will let you know in response to your request.

Object to and restrict the processing of data.

When your personal data is being processed to fulfill a legitimate interest to us, such as marketing, you’re able to object and unsubscribe by sending an email to You can always exercise your right to restrict processing, and we’ll make sure to process your data in the way you specify. We will assess each request on a case-by-case basis according to the rules set out by the GDPR. If we override your request, we need to demonstrate that we have compelling grounds to do so, or that there’s a legal claim which allows us to retain personal data. If you don’t agree with how we’ve handled your request, you can file a complaint with the authority related to the member state you live or work in, or the country in which the suspected infringement has taken place.

Children’s Privacy

We do not intend for this site to be used by children under the age of 13, nor do we seek to collect information about children under the age of 13. If you are under the age of 13, please do not provide us with information and promptly exit this site. We encourage parents or legal guardians to talk with their children about the potential risks of providing information over the Internet.